Services and Solutions


ZTE UniCare service is based on the VMAX big data platform. This service improves operators’ operation capability, decreases their OPEX, and leads to increased profitability.




In a 2G, 3G or 4G network, the ZTE UniCare service helps operators transform from a NOC-oriented environment to a SOC-oriented one. By integrating the terminal database, and the information from wireless CDT, core-network CDRs and CRM system, it can establish a quality evaluation system for those services that affect user experience directly. It can identify the popular internet applications and self-operated applications and it can improve the services quality and customer satisfaction.


Customer Care-Oriented


ZTE UniCare service divides customers into different groups, builds a model and then gives a score for the experience of different customer groups. With an automatic user perception analysis algorithm, if the score becomes abnormal, the system will determine user experience issues automatically. Most network-related complaints can be transferred to the customer care centre to help for improving the complaint handling efficiency and customer experience.




ZTE UniCare service defines different value levels for operation areas based on services apps, network traffic, terminals, and customer profiles. This information is vital for network planning optimisation and expansion, which helps the operators to define the priorities more easily.




ZTE UniCare service provides accurate marketing advice by big data analysis. If a subscriber searches for keywords such as “4G mobile phones” online, the user may want to change his or her mobile phone. ZTE UniCare service can provide a suggestion to operators who can then target that user with marketing for 4G devices.


If a user complains that an apps he/she is using is not good enough or is too expensive, ZTE UniCare service can recommend similar self-operated apps or apps from partners to that user.

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