Services and Solutions

Wireless Market Progress


In 2014 ZTE doubled its annual shipments of 4G network infrastructure solutions. ZTE has a presence in 70 percent of countries with investments in 4G network technology and has been awarded over 170 contracts for commercial deployment of LTE and Evolved Packet Core networks. To date ZTE has successfully launched LTE commercial networks with Bharti, China Mobile, China Telecom, Hutchison, Softbank, Telenor, TeliaSonera, Vodafone, and VimpelCom and has maintained its number one market share position in Chinese 4G projects throughout 2014.


Your Reliable Partner


ZTE 4G networks have been widely and commercially applied around the world and the company’s technology continues to out-perform rivals in third party test situations. For example, Hong Kong CSL’s network performance was ranked No. 1 by a third party comprehensive evaluation; while in Austria, H3G’s wireless KPIs also topped third party tests. These achievements demonstrate that ZTE’s network construction and delivery capabilities can meet the highest expectations of customers.



5G strategy for the future


As a leading provider of 4G network solutions globally, ZTE is committed to driving the development of 5G technology and will play an active role in shaping the future industry landscape. ZTE has developed a unique roadmap for transitioning carriers along a path of continual upgrade in capacity and capability. In 2014 ZTE unveiled plans for the rollout of Pre5G, which will deliver a similar user experience to future 5G networks. ZTE innovation around Pre5G technology combined with its experience in building and managing market leading 4G networks for carriers around the world, gives mobile players the confidence to invest and plan for their future market needs.


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