Services and Solutions

Virtualisation has revolutionized enterprise computing helping to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. Telecommunications service providers are increasingly looking towards developments such as virtualisation to see whether those technologies and techniques can be used in communications.


The industry is currently promoting virtualization as it relates to two business issues:

  • Reducing Costs: In terms of CAPEX, operators hope to use a common server instead of a dedicated server for every activity.

While for OPEX, operators want to establish a unified platform for all of the operation and maintenance processes, as well as decentralisation and distinguishing domain, and as the high level logical management platform.

  • New Service Model: As a result of owning competitive network resources and having widespread trusted brand recognition, operators could potentially establish distinctive services platforms such as public cloud provision.


Advantages of ZTE’s vDC

ZTE’s vDC helps to break down traditional proprietary telecommunications IT infrastructure. Based on industry ratified technical and service standards, ZTE’s vDC can enable solutions where IT infrastructure resources are virtualised and pooled. Network Function Virtualisation and Software Defined Network technologies are used to achieve interconnections between multiple data centres. The goal for operators is to build out an IT resource infrastructure that features physically dispersed facilities.


ZTE’s vDC solution is an automated processes which uses a unified management platform to incorporate organisational functions within the same infrastructure eliminating layers of process such as every business having to have their own IT maintenance personnel.


Rich business service support

Based on the existing network strengths and market position, ZTE’s vDC creates custom service solutions hosted in a virtual environment, improving the profitability of the IT resource further because IT resources can be shared by real-time and non-real-time services.


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