Services and Solutions

As fixed access providers increase bandwidth available to consumers the demand for bandwidth hungry services increases. In fact, history teaches us that global network bandwidth increases ten-fold every six years and the process is set to accelerate in the future. ZTE believes that 1G to the desktop is not far from becoming a reality.


ZTE’s Big Broadband concept interprets how access networks will develop by focusing on three characteristics: superfast bandwidth, simplified and intelligent networks, and on-demand deployment.


Superfast bandwidth: ZTE believes XG-PON1 is the technology of choice for upgrading networks to superfast speeds. XG-PON1 can provide super-high bandwidth and wide coverage to meet different deployment requirements. Since XG-PON1 is already mature in terms of both technology and industry acceptance, large-scale XG-PON1 deployment will boost investment returns and reduce costs. XG-PON1 can already achieve 1G to the desktop over the existing PON (Passive Optical Network) ODN (Optical Distribution Network) infrastructure to fulfill the current needs of high-end users. In addition, XG-PON1 is seamlessly compatible with the existing networks and supports smooth evolution to future networks.


On-demand deployment: ZTE uses a pyramid model to customise deployment strategies to suit customers’ specific requirements and maximise their investment returns. ZTE’s optical/copper integrated solutions allow a combination of technologies including GPON, XGPON, NGPON2, GE/10GE, VDSL2 and to be employed flexibly to meet customers’ different needs and optimise the use of their existing resources.


Simplified and intelligent networks: To simplify network operation and maintenance, ZTE uses a unified service platform, a unified pipe and a unified access platform. To improve operation and maintenance efficiency, ZTE uses a series of intelligent operation and management systems, including an eODN system and an intelligent link detection system.


With the development of video services, mobile internet services and change from traditional mode to cloud services mode based on data centre, operators are in need of ultra-large bandwidth pipe.


1) The beyond-100G further improves spectral efficiency and provides ultra-broadband network for operators.


2) The beyond-100G adopts a number of leading technologies to help operators build a flexible, efficient and low-cost optical transport network.

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