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ElasticNet –Direction of Next Generation Networks


ElasticNet integrates SDN and NFV technology to create a flat network that suits diverse functions and demands. It decouples the control and forwarding functions so that network control is centralised, and it ensures the network complies with open, standard protocols. ElasticNet provides a programmable environment, which makes the network visible to applications and promotes network innovation.


In short, ElasticNet makes a network dynamic. The network can be scaled to meet increased service demands, reduce the cost of network construction, and maximise network utilisation. The network evolves from a fixed, complicated system to a flexible, reconfigurable software-based system.


Why operators need ElasticNet


The evolution of network infrastructure has resulted in carriers deploying a wide variety of different types of equipment in highly complex ecosystems. This technology is built around tightly coupled hardware and software which promotes vendor lock-in. A reduction in competition helps maintain the high cost of doing business for service providers.


ZTE ElasticNet enables the construction of an open and highly flexible elastic network for carriers, enterprises and data centres. It makes networks highly flexible, enhances automatic deployment capability of the network, and reduces TCO efficiently, which helps construct reliable, green and future-proof networks.


ElasticNet efficiently manages various virtual resources and dynamically allocates the requisite resources on demand, so as to achieve unified deployment, allocation, management and supervision of network resources. Consequently, resources are not monopolised by a specific application and the corresponding low resource usage. ZTE ElasticNet has an SDN-defined hierarchical architecture, which is fully open, and therefore able to realise flexible extension and assembling between physical layer and application layer.

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