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Operators’ Transformation to ICT


Global operators are working hard to distance themselves from being seen as providers of “dumb data pipes”. To address this they have started to provide multi-dimensional product systems that encompass infrastructure products, standard information products, industry-related products, and customised solutions, with the business model developing from undiversified communications contracts to diversified directions.


Factoring in the issues that arise in providing these services to enterprises, such as high customer density, high added value, and extensive influence, operators need to help these companies re-engineer their business processes and also their end-to-end processes by leveraging ICT services, so as to reduce costs and increase profits. In view of this, operators should be formulating business models that can be embedded into enterprises’ production and operating activities and provide services with higher added-value, thus promoting customer loyalty.


Characteristics of Operators’ Transformation to ICT


When provisioning services, operators can extract valuable data using big data technology for traffic operation, provide big-data-based intelligent analysis, and deploy the Internet of Vehicles, home healthcare, logistics tacking, smart metering, and smart home services using Internet of Things technologies. Moreover, they offer mobility solutions by combining multiple smart terminals, including mobile payment, mobile office, and mobile education.


Operators can also provide cloud services integrating enterprise processes with communications tools for small and medium-sized enterprises based on the cloud computing technology. With the market development trend shifting from CT to ICT, the industry chain will become bigger and more complicated, and from the channel to technology and content, an increasingly larger number of resources need to be integrated. Therefore, it is imperative that to find the right business partners and design a business model that can achieve a win-win situation among operators, business partners, and customers.


Co-transformation brought by ZTE to operators


By virtue of our 20 years of extensive experience in various industries, ZTE has developed products and solutions with independent intellectual property rights in a wide range of fields (including cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, and communications technologies), and can provide innovative technology support for operators’ transformation to ICT. The 4G trunking, modular data centre, and 100G/ultra-100G transmission technologies provided by ZTE have been widely applied. By integrating business partners on the industry chain, ZTE can provide operators with one-stop services including business consulting, planning & design, system integration, system delivery, operation & maintenance management, and operation management. We can offer super MOA solutions (including mobile office, unified communications, cloud desktop, video surveillance, video conferencing, call center, etc.), enterprise information security solutions, and IT services for enterprises. For industry customers, we offer smart education, smart grid, smart transportation, wireless charging, civil aviation air-ground broadband communications, and mobile payment solutions and services. For government customers, we offer smart city solutions and services that benefit people’s livelihood and promote economic development, including smart environmental protection, safe city, and enterprise intranet. With our sophisticated 4G, cloud computing, big data, and Internet of Things technologies, we have achieved extensive cooperation in the ICT field with China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Telefonica, Vodafone, MTN, and other leading operators in the world on the basis of operators’ network architectures in recent years.


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