Services and Solutions

Building Smart Homes for Better Lives


Following Google’s acquisition of startups Nest Labs and Dropcam, the ‘smart home’ has moved from being a conceptual probability to become an accepted reality. Smart homes use next-generation information technologies including M2M, mobile internet, cloud computing, and big data to create secure, low-carbon, comfortable, and enjoyable home environments based on feature-rich network platforms of telecom operators.


Smart home helps operators to increase revenue


Smart homes not only bring rich new experiences to users, they also help operators to increase revenues. Operators can provide different smart home packages with various value added services, such as home entertainment, visual communications, home monitoring and the intelligent housing. Smart home applications, particularly home entertainment, visual communication and home monitoring, require high bandwidth and an increased wire and wireless data flow.


ZTE’s turnkey Smart Home solution


ZTE can provide a turnkey solution for home entertainment, visual communication, home monitoring, family album sharing, and home network-attached storage (NAS). Specifically, ZTE’s home entertainment package would include video, app games, education solutions, fitness plans, recreation and shopping.


Visual communication provides a free cross-screen (smartphone, tablet, TV, laptop) visual communications system for the home, point-to-point and multi-point HD video chat, as well as multimedia messaging. ZTE’s home monitoring supports USB and IP cameras, sports alarms, and timer videos. ZTE’s home NAS is a home cloud storage product that provides large capacity and is manageable and secure.


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