Services and Solutions


The rapidly evolving technology and dynamics of communications networks means service providers need to urgently address their operation, administration and maintenance requirements.


M-ICT has revolutionised business both large and small, communities and individual lives. Network operators are faced with a lot of challenges including increasing operational costs, customer churn, and a requirement for flexibility in order to meet market demands and competitive pressures.


ZTE offers a next generation operation solution and platform, which changes the traditional operation model from network centralised to services centralised. Using intelligent operation with smart tools and platform, the customer experience is improved with better process and expertise, which in turn drives new value from the network by Big Data analysis.


Next generation operation will win in this reform


To address OAM challenges in the M-ICT era, ZTE has shifted its focus from networks to customer experience and is exploring a new operation model in terms of intelligence, customer experience, service operation and value-orient. The development of an appropriate tool platform has been essential in this shift.


ZTE intelligent operation tool solution provides a robust platform for network operation transition and helps operators to reduce cost and improve efficiency.


Service operation solution provides multi-service monitoring, multi-dimensional analysis and accurate positioning; achieve data of visible, manageable and controllable.


The SOC approach helps operators establish a service-related index system, build a user experience platform, optimize the SLA system and define the different organization and flow based on the scenarios. Operators will finally be able to see, control and manage the customer experiences.

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