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The booming M-ICT era


The Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) industry is transitioning into the M-ICT era. This is one where the M prefix encompasses multiple dimensions, capturing the characteristics of inter-connectedness, be that person to person, person to machine or machine to machine.


The continuing explosion of the mobile internet in the M-ICT era is driving the rapid convergence of the telecommunications and IT sectors globally. Traditional telecoms services such as voice and SMS are contributing less towards overall operator revenues. IP-based data services are now central to the strategic ambitions of communications service providers.


ZTE has a broad set of capabilities in telecommunications networks, mobile devices and enterprise technology to enable it to build innovative and powerful integrated solutions that are key to delivering value to customers.


The transformation of telecom operation


With the ongoing evolution of wireless and optical telecommunication technology, the cost to carriers per Bit of data transported is lower now than ever before. The imminent arrival of widespread Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV), in combination with the establishment of next generation operation and maintenance solutions, will create further operational efficiencies that will help to drive down the cost per Bit and improve network flexibility regarding the adoption of new services.


Future-oriented network evolution


In the process of fibre-in and copper-out, due to the advantages in both cost and Bit rate, optical telecommunication technology has been widely applied in the fields of bearer network, access network and wireless backhaul. The evolution and transition towards all IP-networks in telecoms is inevitable. 5G technology meets people’s requirement of being connected anywhere anytime rapidly.


The cost per Bit of doing business is coming down for communications service providers while the flexibility to do more is rising. This is the M-ICT era.

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