Services and Solutions


FDD-TDD Convergence is based on unified technical specifications between the TD-LTE standard and the FDD-LTE 3GPP standard, which are in turn based on the same key technologies and share the same structure.


The integration of the two spectrums to achieve optimal utilisation offers the following benefits:


1) A combined LTE FDD\TDD solution is the industry’s most effective solution to solve the collaborative problem of TDD and FDD spectrum.


2) A combined LTE FDD\TDD solution is best suited to FDD-TDD hetnet architecture.


3) A combined LTE FDD\TDD offers higher capacity levels, improves mobility robustness, and increases per-user throughput.


ZTE’s heritage in LTE FDD\TDD is unsurpassed. In 2011 the Swedish carrier Hi3G announced the world’s first mix of FDD-LTE 800MHz and UMTS 900MHz services, with both FDD and TDD-LTE 2600 spectrum also being used in high demand areas including the major cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo.


The extended network greatly enhanced the network performance of Hi3G and helped Hi3G to reach a larger capacity of subscribers with more and better services. Furthermore, the network roll out enabled Hi3G to significantly reduce its total cost of ownership by adopting a whole new generation of green energy-saving base stations.

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