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New Challenge for Content Operation Service


The steady decline in voice and SMS revenue for operators globally has seen data services become the main source of operator revenue growth. The Intelligent Content Pipe (ICP) consists of converged Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and cache systems, ICPs speed up content delivery and can vastly reduce interconnection costs between operator networks.


ICPs enable greater flexibility for the management of traffic monetisation, distribution and networking. This helps carriers meet consumer demand for broadband and mobile internet services and consequently ensures a high quality of user experience.


CDNs, built on an operator’s IP-based networks, are content delivery and traffic distribution networks, which have to address multiple service requirements. CDNs deliver the content from a source server to the nearest server to a user. Using application traffic scheduling technology, CDNs can point a user request to the most optimal service node, which will then provide the service to the user. A converged CDN can support video services, page and file acceleration, and other value added services.


Deploying a cache system in a carrier’s IP backbone network means that if a user requests popular or special content, the cache can help reduce buffering and accelerate content delivery time.


Improving the Content Operation Capability


ICP can be summed up as four stages:


1) Flexible networking and deployment. Using a series of hardware types, matching different networks.

2) High reliability and high performance. Software and hardware separation design to improve user experience.

3) Converged CDN solution. Supports internet content and services, content acceleration. CDN capability opens to the third-party OTT service players to monetise the OTT traffic.

4) Smart CDN. Smart and efficient content dispatching policy ensures a high quality of video and web services.



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