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LTE 4G is being commercialised worldwide, and research on 5G is already in full swing. According to the ITU, 5G will be launched commercially after 2020. Whether or not LTE networks can meet the increasing demands for data services within the next five years is a big concern for operators.


ZTE proposed a cloud radio solution based on 4G access networks and mainstream mobile bearer as early as 2012. This solution suppresses interference on LTE networks and exponentially improves network performance. It enables smooth, consistent access far beyond that for 4G users on LTE networks. So far, cloud radio has been commercially used by China Mobile Quanzhou and Tianjin, China Telecom Shijiazhuang, and Hong Kong CSL. It has greatly improved the access experience of 4G network users, especially the users at cell edge.


ZTE has focused on the core demands of mobile operators and has proposed a pre5G concept that uses the most practical 5G core technology to provide users with a 5G-like experience. This solution is backwardly compatible with commercial LTE and will be in commercial use before 2020. By using an operator’s existing sites and spectrum resources, the access rate of existing network users and overall network capacity can be greatly improved. This eases the challenges associated with surging data traffic in the period prior to 5G standardisation and helps mobile operators evolve smoothly to 5G.


The march towards 5G is well underway. ZTE is already a major contributor and participant in research on global 5G standards and has been making breakthroughs and innovations in research on key 5G technologies.


In November 2014 ZTE and China Mobile accelerated the deployment of next-generation technology when they jointly completed the world’s first Pre5G Massive MIMO Base Station test. Massive MIMO is considered as one of the core technologies upon which 5G networks will be built.


Some feel 5G will not arrive until 2020; ZTE is working towards a much faster development path. In January 2015, ZTE firstly complete pre-commercial field testing of multi-user and multi-stream transmission on a Massive MIMO base station, setting new records in single-carrier transmission capacity and spectral efficiency.


As a major provider of wireless products and solutions, ZTE is committed to innovative products and solutions. The successful pre-commercial test of massive MIMO further displays ZTE’s strong research focus, capability in 5G key technologies, and practices ZTE’s Pre5G business philosophy.


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