Services and Solutions


The World is Infinitely Connected


In the M-ICT era connections are taking place anywhere, anytime and between anything. People are connected, things are connected, information is connected and places are connected. The introduction of intelligent devices and logic means the world is becoming infinitely connected.


New Opportunities for Business Transformation


In an infinitely connected digital world, traditional bilateral business models (B2C and B2B) are evolving to become more complex trilateral, or even multilateral, business models (so B2B2C, B2B2B, B2B2X, etc.).


Service providers can no longer act as the sole providers of services and contents for customers as they once did. Partnerships are essential and so operators need to choose partners with the right capabilities and furthermore make their own capabilities available to those partners.


Carriers will also need to transform from being a supplier of requirements to being an organiser of requirements. To achieve this they will need to think about how to be the centre of aggregation and distribution of information, and also the centre of business opportunities, where cooperation with partners will prevail and experience is going to be the key to success.


Finally, operators must take advantage of their ability to provide connectivity. As well as being able to connect people, capabilities such as customer loops, channel, brand, storage, calculation, analysis etc., are also valuable to partners.


ZTE and Operation Support


ZTE helps carriers bring together existing capabilities to make sure these are available to third party partners. ZTE offers a whole suite of solutions to address OSS transformation and can also deliver a big data solution to make this happen.


ZTE can provide a ‘ZSmart’ platform where a carrier’s package of capabilities can be presented to partners. A carriers could also use this platform to manage and support their partners.

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