Services and Solutions


What is RCS?


The Rich Communication Suite (RCS) is an integrated communication service that retains the telecom operators’ basic telecommunication services with global accessibility and carrier-level service quality, and provides upgraded communication interfaces for voice, SMS/MMS and address book.


RCS can help operators apply the wide bandwidth, fast throughput advantages of 4G networks to new services and enhance basic telecommunication capabilities. RCS can ensure a better user experience, and thus enhance user stickiness. Furthermore, RCS also helps operators accelerate the integration of self-owned services to be more competitive and attract more users.



ZTE pulls together a suite of its capabilities to deliver RCS:


1) Cloud Network Function Virtualization (NFV): An advanced NFV cloud computing architecture that decouples the services and the hardware, which supports automatic deployment and flexible elasticity of the service network.

2) Integrated Converged Messaging Architecture (CMA): The ZTE CMA integrated message solution supports interconnection between traditional messages (SMS, MMS and VMS) and email, IM and RCS, and unified message storage.

3) The ZTE RCS gateway: Fully opens the system service capabilities, and provides external interfaces with third-party applications. It helps operators expand their services for enterprise and home use, and develop vertical industry applications, which then helps to form a value-added mobile internet ecosphere.

4) Enhanced entry: The ZTE public service account platform, based on the ZXSDP, provides individuals, service providers, merchants, and content providers with public service accounts. It assists operators in constructing the social portals to enhance their entry roles, converge the traffic, and enhance the user loyalty.

5) Big Data: The ZTE Golden Data platform uses big data technology to extract valuable information to provide support for the user life cycle management, individualised marketing, precision targeting, and service quality improvement.

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