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As the mobile internet develops, the entire value chain is migrating to the terminal and cloud services. Traditional business models of charging for traffic volume are becoming outmoded.


Meeting the requirements of operators under this new scenario, ZTE has proposed a new traffic monetisation solution focusing on ‘colourful’ traffic, channel and business. These ‘colourful’ attributes can be defined as follows:


  • ‘Colourful’ traffic enables operators to provide more differentiated, diversified, and customised traffic products to end users.


  • ‘Colourful’ channel means users can get traffic packages from operators, enterprises, OTT providers, or friends.


  • ‘Colourful’ business lets operators sell traffic plus content and services. For users, alongside a traditional traffic package, they can also get different packages of applications and content. For operators, by data mining usage they can investigate additional services like internet navigation and internet advertising.


ZTE’s iTOP solution can help operators create these ‘colourful’ new business models. The solution is made up of two distinct layers: iTOP traffic monetisation service layer and ePCC network control layer.


The iTOP service layer is responsible for managing the whole life cycle of traffic products, from production, sale, distribution and usage. Traffic products can also be made available to a third party partner, thereby expanding traffic monetisation to other enterprise related-fields, this can then lead to the formation of new sales channel and business, and the development of an open traffic monetisation ecosystem.


Once this is in place the ePCC network control layer is then responsible for traffic identification, control and analysis across the network.

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