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The data centre is the key to service transition for operators in the M-ICT era


With the rapid development of mobile social networks and electronic business, huge volumes of data is produced every day. Emergent technologies, such as big data, cloud, and M2M are changing our lives, and creating new service models. The data explosion requires strong support from back-end data centres. Consequently, data centres have become strategic resources in the M-ICT era.


ZTE’s data centre consulting and planning service can help its customers develop a three to five years plan for their data centre requirements that align with the customers’ strategic targets for service development as well as the current service environment. In this way the data centre can effectively support the current service systems and the service systems to be created in the future.


ZTE Data Centre Services


ZTE offers one-stop data centre solutions, from physical IT infrastructure to applications and services. Its services cover all phases of a lifecycle, including data centre planning and design, integrated deployment, and OAM (operations, administration and management).


ZTE data centres have the following features:


  • Module Group: Data centres are designed based on the requirement for modularity. With modularised products and technologies, ZTE has reduced the construction period from two years to just four months. Businesses can gain a profit as early as possible and a larger return on investment.
  • 3D Simulation Tool: An integrated tool platform is used to uniformly manage various professional tools, which can improves efficiency obviously. Service views and 3D views are provided so that the customer can get a clear view of the status of their data centers.
  • New business models: New business models are provided besides of the conventional models, including lease and revenue sharing. Customers pay less for one-time investment with lower risks.

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