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The ongoing process of generating massive amounts of data all over a telecom network, recording subscriber behaviour and regarding the telco’s network operations represent a huge commercial opportunity for service providers. Telecom providers have long known this, but to date have struggled to make use of that data. Data though is set to become a core strategic asset for operators. How to effectively obtain the potential value from that data is a top priority for operators today.


Boosting precision operation and monetization


ZTE’s Big Data Solution includes three applications: network, marketing and monetisation.


  • Network refers to enhancing the efficiency of network optimisation and operation through intelligent data analysis.
  • Marketing refers to improving the customer experience and supporting precise business recommendations through data analysis.
  • Monetisation provides passenger flow analysis, real-time traffic, business consulting and other new business applications based on location information.


These three applications are built to run on ZTE’s DAP (Data Analysis Platform) 2.0 Big Data Platform. Based on open architecture and the Hadoop file system, the DAP 2.0 platform supports not only the Storm, Spark, CEP and analysis components, but also third-party development environments and standard service interfaces.


Win-win cooperation with ZTE


ZTE’s Big Data Solution has been successfully used in many industries such as telecommunications, finance, and the smart city. Up to now, dozens of commercial offices have deployed DAP 2.0 worldwide, and ZTE has worked closely with over 30 operators in countries across the globe.


With many years of experience in the telecommunications industry and a deep understanding of network operations, ZTE is well placed to be a strong partner for service providers looking to implement big data monetisation strategies.

Picture 1: ZTE’s Big Data Solution Overview



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