Services and Solutions

LTE offers high speed, large bandwidth, high spectrum efficiency, low latency, and many other technical advantages when it comes to applications in the field of transportation.


Two areas of specific interest to ZTE are air and metro (urban train) travel:


Travelers increasingly expect to use their smartphones from any location whether that is thousands of feet up in the air or travelling at hundreds of miles per hour along tracks. A key benefit of LTE is its ability to support high-speed mobility.


Whether it is in a plane (where air-to-ground communications have become a hot topic in recent years as many airlines and regulators life the restrictions on using cellular terminals onboard) or on a train where speeding commuters are increasingly using mobile devices for work and entertainment, LTE can reduce handover failure, poor user experience and low data rate. It can also meet the requirement of video surveillance and personal information systems without affecting current network deployments and operation.

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