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So called ‘over-the-top’ messaging apps that make use of data have eroded SMS usage among large groups of subscribers. Apps such as Kakao Talk, WhatsApp, iMessage, WeChat and others have led to a decline in messaging revenue for carriers.


OTT services have expanded into the three traditional carrier lines of businesses: voice, messaging and video. Generous data tariffs have resulted in operators becoming Bit-pipe service providers. Some carriers are taking the OTT providers on at their own game by offering ‘mobile OTT’ solutions. Ideally, these apps will leverage some part of the network that is controlled by the carrier to add a benefit that other OTT apps cannot offer, for example increasing the available bandwidth for certain services.


Mobile OTT a truly ubiquitous service


As 4G networks develop, mobile OTT services can take advantage of the greater bandwidth on offer with LTE. Mobile OTT will be able to deliver messaging and content of any type to any enabled device, at anytime and anywhere. Mobile OTT will be a main driving force of mobile data usage and revenue.


An open and intelligent mobile OTT system


ZTE can provide an open and intelligent mobile OTT system. Content aggregation and app aggregation are vital as part of a mobile OTT solution, as is the ability to achieve rapid aggregation using search. By monitoring and analysing subscriber behaviour, ZTE is able to push out content and apps to improve users’ experience.


ZTE’s infrastructure solutions can drive down costs and improve flexibility for app and content delivery which is vital if mobile OTT is to challenge the new breed of OTT apps.


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